19 May 2017

Wednesday was the final day in school for Year 11 and Year 13 who enjoyed their final assemblies and time with their form tutors and friends.

I’ve asked Mr Martin and Ms Davidson to share the key messages they delivered to Year 13 and Year 11 students.

Mr Martin said, “You started your journey at Devonport High School for Boys in September 2012, approximately 1700 days ago and now you are about to embark on the next phase. An athlete competing in the marathon at the 1968 Olympic Games once remarked, ‘I wasn’t sent 8000 miles by my country to start the race, but I was sent 8000 miles to finish it’. The rallying call is to complete what you have started. The hard work and self-sacrifice will be worth the effort and so use the next few weeks of examinations to demonstrate your knowledge and to realise your academic potential in the subjects you are studying. Best wishes for your future pathway and good luck in your GCSE examinations”.

Ms Davidson added, “It has been our privilege to work with and to watch our students as they matured, gaining focus and direction to the point at which they now leave us in Year 13. Teenagers can be exhausting but ten times over they are exciting, enlightening, cheeky, funny, bright, clever, surprising and inspiring. I hope that our leavers will think back fondly of their school and their experiences here. Be kind to yourselves and others, continue to make the most of your opportunities and never be too frightened or too complacent to engage in life to the full. In the words of a popular lyricist, ‘If you never try, you’ll never know’. Shape your future and be happy”.

Winning Images

I was delighted to meet the winners of the DHSB PTFA photography competition on Thursday. These students will have their work published in the new academic year calendar, published by the PTFA to raise funds for the school.

Mrs Armstrong said, “The cost of the DHSB academic calendar 2017 – 2018 is only £7.50. Payment can be made on WisePay (shop / miscellaneous sales) or by either cash or cheque made payable to DHSB PTFA. Orders need to be placed by Monday 22 May and the calendars will be available before we break for the summer holidays”.

These are the well-deserved prizewinners.

Myles Pinkney 6C2 (first – £100) Joe Hocking 11P (second – £50) Seb Whitford 7N (third – £25)

The runners up all received celebratory chocolate – William Robinson 6C1, Jack Boltwood 11N, Alexander Mitchell 9E, Toby Spencer 9P, Kai Benjamin 9S, Christopher Dunstan 8C, Robert Mitchell 8C, Dexter Coultas 8S.

RFU Young Officials Award

The rain stopped on Wednesday in time for the RFU Young Officials Award training which was followed by a primary school tag rugby event led by our sports leaders.

Students involved were Tommy Woodward, Oliver Gozzard, Niall Gill, Toby Laseby, Ed Epps, Alex Sheridan, Harry Edwards, Harry Richardson, Kris Davis and Will Freer.

DofE Bronze

Last weekend saw the first of the Bronze DofE practice expeditions.

Dynamic Adventures who led the expedition said, “Well done to all ten teams from @DHSBoys who completed their Bronze practice expedition on the edge of Dartmoor”.

Another set of teams will be out on Dartmoor this weekend.

Pictured are just some of the teams.

Excellent Work

Mr Briars asked his Year 7 English class to write horror stories in two sentences. This was a homework task and he has shared three examples of their work for us to read and enjoy.

Speech and Drama

Well done to the following students who have recently taken LAMDA exams (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art)

Eeshan Anunt Dhulkotia Grade 2 Verse & Prose speaking – Pass with Distinction Bertie Mather Grade 2 Verse & Prose speaking – Pass with Distinction Lalit Kathiresan Grade 5 Verse & Prose speaking – Pass with Distinction Preet Pradeep Grade 5 Verse & Prose speaking – Pass with Distinction Daniel Farnham Grade 5 Speaking in Public – Pass with Distinction

Bertie and Anunt

Preet, Daniel and Lalit

Sports Update


Well done to our U13 and U15 teams who competed at Plymouth Schools today. U13 finished in first place and U15 took silver. Congratulations to both teams.

U13 team

U15 team


Mr Burt reports an “Excellent win for the Year 7 Cricket team against Hele’s in the first round of the Devon Cup”. He added that the team will face Exeter School away in the next round.

Future Events

20 – 21 May DofE Bronze Training Expedition

25 May at 16.30 Bushcraft Parents Mtg

26 May Final day of Summer term one

5 June First day of Summer term two (A week)

5 – 9 June Year 7 exam week

10 June 11+ familiarisation session

10 – 11 June DofE Bronze Award assessed expedition (Year 10)

12 – 16 June Year 8 exams week

17 – 18 June DofE Bronze Award assessed expedition (Year 10)

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